Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights – A KickStarter

Nightrunner shoe lights

As someone who runs in the early hours of the morning (and with a husband who runs in the late hours at night), this product caught my fancy! I love the idea and you know that this “christmas tree” will be getting one when they come out.

“Night Runner’s back-facing distinctive red taillights are attention-grabbing to instantly alert motorists of your location. Each unit fastens securely to shoelaces via a stable, multi-position adjustable bracket. The lights are housed in a high-impact, water-resistant case.  Li-ion rechargeable batteries equipped with a micro-USB port and a “Y” connector accommodate charging for both units simultaneously.”

Nightrunner shoe lights

 I love the idea and you know that this “christmas tree” runner will be getting one when they come out. They are right now having a kickstarter campaign to help them get to their goal so they can get this in production.

You can learn more through the KickStarter page, and their  their websiteFacebook page and  Twitter accounts.

Nightrunner shoe lights

Apart from the information that is in the KickStarter website, here are some information that is answered in the comments section.

Weight: 1.5oz 

Night Runners are incredibly easy to take on and off. The multi-position clip slides under and over the second row of laces before they are tied. The bottom forked prongs straddle the tongue holder for added stability. Once the laces are tied the upward pressure from your top of your foot securely holds the units in place. To remove, simply untie the laces.

What are your favorite products for nighttime running?
What do you think about the Night Runner Shoe Lights? Don’t forget to drop in a note to its creators!

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