Dilemmas, Dilemmas and Dilemmas

Dilemmas, Dilemmas and Dilemmas

The Players: The FauxRunner and Her Husband

The Scenario: Both planning their first full marathon

The Background: FauxRunner is obsessive about running(like anything else she tries); has been faithfully running and training since starting a year ago, and building up endurance in her own slow pace to make sure her body can handle the stress.
The husband is a runner from heart. Doesn’t think about time, pace, races or anything (mid-run fuel included!). Just runs. Has been running since 2005, although it took the FauxRunner to push him to register for his first 10k (Peachtree) and his first 13.1(Silver Comet).

The Catch: The kids (2 & 4) need supervision while the parents are off training. There is no option for grandparents or babysitters (too expensive!) to watch the kids.

The Contenders:

The Chicago Marathon – Oct 9
The Marine Corps Marathon – Oct 30
Savannah Half Marathon – Nov 5

Driving Distance: Chicago – 12hrs; Washington DC – 10hrs; Savannah – 3hrs
Chicago – Flat, FauxRunner has aspired to do it since she saw “The Spirit of the Marathon”
Marine Corps – Great first time race, Scenic through the nation’s capital in Fall
Savannah – The husband is interested
Chicago – The Weather !!
Marine Corps – Just ONE WEEK before the Savannah RnR.
Savannah – FauxRunner wants to do a half marathon with friends.
The possibilities:
  1. Faux Runner does a Fall Marathon & Savannah Half. The husband does a Summer/Winter Marathon(Anchorage/San Diego; Disney/ING Miami). Seems like the best bet, but is the Faux Runner ready to go the distance? Will the Husband wait until spring; is he truly ready for a summer? 
  2. Faux Runner does a Fall Marathon & Savannah Half. The husband does Savannah Full Marathon. And we get a babysitter to come with us (add an expense of atleast $200); or there are enough friends cheering on who will look after the kids for a few hours. The Faux Runner will feel guilty about not cheering the husband during the first 3 hours of his about 4:45 finish full? 
  3. The husband does a Fall Marathon. FauxRunner  does the Savannah Half and waits until Spring for her first full (26.2 with Donna in Jacksonville) – Gosh … that seems like a long time away.
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