Peachtree Road Race 2013

Growing up in India, August 15th, India’s Independence Day would be day full of flag ceremony at school, followed by speeches and other cultural events, the much awaited sweets, and then returning home to hear more speeches from politicians. It was a day of wearing white, of reflection and appreciation of what the freedom fighters had endured (the millions of people, not just Gandhi. Wikipedia has a “short” history, if you are interested.)

In contrast, July 4th, USA’s Independence Day is all about celebration, confetti, barbecues, and all around party atmosphere. Atlanta celebrates the day by throwing a party as well – a party for 60,000 runners in the largest 10k race in the world. And this year, even with the threat of storms in the air, the party was on in full force.

Red, White and Blue with Barry and his daughter
Red, White and Blue with Barry and his daughter

We ran in step with a number of amazing people – the 92 year old man running with his daughters, the firefighter in full gear, the marine in full gear; and passed the Shepard Center where patients had come out to cheer for us (although I’ve done the Peachtree twice before, I did not know about the center’s amazing history of coming out to cheer for the runners); and also encountered a few people who were done with the race in the very first mile and completely exhausted (I hope you all finished and are enjoying the satisfaction of a job well run).

This year was by far the most fun I’ve had in the race.

But the race did make me realize that I could NEVER do a mud race. Just walking in the park after the finish was enough to make me squirmish and girlish.

Did you run the Peachtree this year? Or any other 4th of July races?
Did you dress up or meet up with other characters?


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