The week in numbers – W12 to Chicago

The week in numbers – W12 to Chicago


  • Total Miles : 24
  • Long Run: 12 miles with GFA
  • Cross Training: One lone swim session
  • Strength Training: For the second week – FAIL

Daily Splits

  • M: p90x Stretch + Interval Training 19*30/30 (Was able to pace myself and felt much more confident)
  • T: Swimming
  • W: 5 Miles on the treadmill while watching Swades and bawling my eyes out.
  • Th: 4 miles total with 30min/2.5miles of Tempo on the treadmill continuing to watch Swades and continuing to bawl my eyes out.
  • F: Rest
  • S: 5+7 miles with GFA intown. Forgot my Garmin and funky runkeeper data. Still averaged 13:50 with lots of stops for water, restroom, and red lights.
  • Su: –  Out shopping. All that walking should count for something. 

Plan for Next Week

  • M: Upper body at the Gym + Interval Training
  • T: Easy 6 miles
  • W: Upper body/Abs + Swim (if possible)
  • Th: Tempo
  • F: – 
  • S: 13 miles with GFA
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