Halloween Running Costume

I’ve usually worn some kind of accessory for halloween, but not run in a costume on halloween (plenty of costume running in races!). This time, I dressed up to run. No matter that the run was in the dark at 6am and no one else other than my running partner that day, Dawn, noticed it. 

I’m all for capes! No matter what Edna Mode says in Incredibles! This superhero wears a cape!

Wonder Woman makes an appearance
Wonder Woman makes an appearance

This is a very easy look to pull together. Notice the branding of my local running store on the red shirt – I wasn’t very particular about the WW logo. Any red shirt would do. The skirt is from sparkle athletic. And the cape I had (yes, I own a red cape.)

Simple enough to run 7 miles in the dark! (I had the cape on when I was running with Dawn. But I ran the last 40minutes alone in the dark, and I removed the cape. Edna Mode’s statement about the cape being a liability holds good when you are running alone – you don’t want to give anyone something to grab on to!)

If I wanted to take it a bit further, I would’ve gone with red compression socks and a golden head band (instead of the red I am wearing).

Did you run in costume on Halloween? Or modified your running costume to work as a Halloween costume?


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