Highlights of 2012

Highlights of 2012

December and end of the year means – summing up experiences!! I am taking Ms. Zippy’s Q & A for easy answering (I will be doing a month-by-month recap later).

Best Race Experience – This would be a tie between Resolution Run 5k (32:53 4+ min PR) and New Orleans Marathon (5:46 30min PR). The 5k gave me confidence of what was possible, and the Marathon was the result of dedicated training and the perfect execution of a great strategy.

Best Run – Along with an amazing run in San Francisco Bay Park, I have had a few great 16,18, 21 miles in Chicago’s training cycle. Loved those runs for the confidence boost I got. But I’m falling in love with trail running.

Beat New Piece of Gear – As cliche as this will sound in running/yoga circles, I am in love with LuluLemon crops. The affair started with Wunder Under Crops that I ended up using all summer (and fall) with a tunic top to work. Then I discovered their running crops that are warm enough for chilly fall mornings, and cool enough when the chilly mornings begin to warm up.
Of course, my ever trusty skirts from Sparkle Skirts has to make the list! (They are not new to me, but with different colors and patterns, every single one feels brand new)

Best Running Advice you Received – “Don’t be afraid to run slow on the long runs. That builds up endurance and it is not the run to push yourself.” – On highlighting the importance of the long slow runs.
(Which can be hard for someone like me who is slow even normally. To go even slower is the weirdest thing ever!)
Most inspirational runner? – Gosh! This is tough!! There are so many that I’ve admired and been inspired from!
Some of my favorite runners – from my running group (with Bart Yasso)
If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Roller Coaster of running and emotions, and a LOT of fun with friends!

    What were your 2012 highlights? Join the fun with me and share your highlights. Leave a comment or link your post.

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