Inertia: Weekly Training Recap

Inertia: Weekly Training Recap

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While I had put in some solid training the past 2-3 weeks, this week was a struggle. I came back exhilarated from the hike to the Appalachian Approach Trail, but I guess it must’ve worn me out more than I thought. I felt sluggish the whole week, almost as if my body was fighting something but not knowing what. I slept A LOT! Almost 9-10hrs every night and still would feel tired. I was drained of energy. 

At first, I indulged it and took more than a few days off than scheduled. Then it wasn’t getting better and I fought the inertia that was overcoming me. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.11.15 AMMonday

Had a good, much needed deep massage that left me hurting all over. Also was my actual rest day.


Had that heavy drained feeling and I took an extra rest day.


I had planned to run 3 base miles, but then inertia of the past 2 days overtook me. Even though I had my clothes and shoes with me and I had time blocked off to go to the treadmill, I let the time slip by and never got to run. 

Thursday – 4 mile base run

Forced myself to run on the treadmill easy and slow. I felt good while running, but again felt drained after I finished. Oh well, at least got a late start to the week.

I also skipped Ashton’s spin class, given how my legs were feeling.

Friday – Inertia Day. Again!

No excuses other than the fact that I knew I was going to be running both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday – 5 mile base run

I felt like I was coming back after a long hiatus! By mile 2, a sore spot on my glutes had started to annoy me. And by mile 3 I was so ready to be done.  And I was going at my slooooow pace, no speedwork of any kind! It was windy cold and didn’t help either. I’m still surprised that I made it back to the car without having to walk – probably because I knew that I had only that allocated 1hr 15min to run and change clothes and pick up the kids.

Sunday – 13 mile MP+15 Run

My original plan at the beginning of the week was for 2 miles easy warm up, 10 miles MP (13:10), 2 miles cooldown but looking at how badly the rest of the week had gone, changed it to 14 easy long miles at MP + 90 (14:30)

I joined Barbara and Sadie on their run and ran my first 6 miles. I soon feel into a pace about 13:30-:50, a little faster than I wanted to go, but it was surprising how easy it felt despite me thinking that I’d not be able to run anything at all. So I decided to keep with it for as long as I could.

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I kept to the 13:20-:30 pace until mile 12 when the wheels came off and I came to a screeching halt. I had miscalculated and assumed that I had less than a mile to go when in reality I had 2 more. And when I figured that out, everything stopped. Luckily, Mr. FauxTriathlete brought the minions over and I ran/walked mile 13 with the little minion. But then called it a day. I felt very very bad at stopping short, especially as this would’ve been my first run past 13 since Dopey last year. But I had nothing left and decided to live to fight another day. Going out even that :30/mile faster in the beginning sure did me in!

I guess all that not running is why my 7yo gave me this note 🙂

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