Joy’s Great Southern Endurance Run 100 Miles

Great Southern Endurance Run

Joy, my 5 @ 5 buddy took on an incredible feat of running 100 miles at the Great Southern Endurance Run. Apart from the challenge of the distance, there was extreme heat (it hit 92F on Saturday) and running on concrete with heat radiating off it. She wasn’t able to keep anything down and still kept moving powered by sips of slushies.

I don’t have words to describe her feat, except that I am honored she asked me to run the last bit with her. It was incredibly satisfying to bring her home with Laura (who did “only” 35-4o miles pacing). 

Great Southern Endurance Run

Great Southern Endurance Run

She had this awesome bracelet made for her pacers and support crew. Great Southern Endurance Run

The weirdest part of the whole thing (to me) was – there was no fanfare when Joy finished. After hugs and exchange of swag, we were in the car and off we went within 20 minutes of her finishing!!! 

There was a race, a distance and a goal. And it was her’s to conquer. No show, no balloons, no cheering crowds. Like a passerby mentioned, “Looks like y’all have been walking for a long time.” 


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