Lottery System for the Peachtree Road Race

Atlanta Track Club is introducing a lottery system for their flagship 10k Peachtree Road Race on July 4th. 
What does that mean to the FauxRunner?
Of course I will “apply” and then hope to get selected. Although I am loving training for longer distances, the Peachtree is an Atlanta tradition even though its run sometimes in the sweltering heat of Hotlanta’s summer.
The Peachtree is also 
  • the first race that Hubby ran, when DD(4) was 5 months old (2006). 
  • the first 10k that I walked, ending in excruciating cramps (2009).
  • the only race that I DNS twice, pregnant in 2008 and Hubby’s appendix operation the night before in ER in 2010.

Hubby with his 2008 Peachtree TShirt
Ready to start in my only Peachtree (2009)
With my first Peachtree Tshirt at Lenox Mall for the fireworks
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