Plan B

Plan B

Thanks to the discount that RnR offered for their races on National Running Day, I now have a plan B.
I am now registered for the full marathon at Savannah on Nov 5th.

My ‘A’ race of the year is still Chicago on Oct 9th and I’m being cheerfully optimistic that everything will be perfect on race day; but lets face it. Chicago is notorious for its weather. 2 out of the past 5 years have been unbearable heat causing the course to shut down, 1 year had its start in snow! If things happen beyond my control and Chicago is a hot/cold mess, I will run the full at Savannah to claim what I want.

The husband is also registered for the full at Savannah (Yes, yours truly did his registration as well at 6 am) so the logistics with kids might be slightly complicated but I’ll figure it out sooner or later. After all, Savannah is only 3 hrs from Atlanta.

So – see y’all in Chicago AND Savannah.

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