Weekly Training Recap – 12/18

Weekly Training Recap – 12/18

After months and months and months (7 months to be precise) of not having any weekend training recap, I’m back to writing about my training. After the long hiatus from anything more than 60 minutes of workout and not following any kind of plan, I’ve finally started back on structured focused training. What am I starting to train for? Well, … that needs to wait for another post towards the end of the year or the beginning of next year. Until then, it’s weekend training recap time on Sundays/Mondays. 



The Dopey boys persuaded me to come out and run with them at the river on Saturday as they were doing their long training run. I had planned to run only 4 miles, but I ended up running a little less than 7 miles with them. They were doing 30seconds:30seconds run:walk intervals, and since Barry was running the Galloway Half the next day they weren’t going too fast and I felt good enough to keep up with them all throughout.


Mr. FauxRunner and I ran the trails at Kennesaw Mountain on Sunday. It was a short 50 minute run, but I felt strong enough in that duration to know that I’ve been doing all the right things since I got back from India and I’m ready to start building.



It had been about 10 days since I last lifted, and my back was so tight! I couldn’t even do a situp without wincing. On top of these lifts, I did the yogalates class. It is usually a lot of stretching in class, but the substitute was over enthusiastic and we did tons of glutes and core – I was shaking when I finished!

5 x
5 BackSquat (25, 25, 25, 35, 35)
10 ring pullup

3 x
10 pushups
12 kettlebell swings (18lbs)
10 air squats


The 5am girls all reunited after a long long time! We had been running either Laura and me or Joy and Laura and on Wednesday the stars aligned for us all together. It was a fast paced 4 mile run (for me), especially after Monday’s wobbly legs. 



I concentrated just on lifting slightly heavy (as heavy as I safely can without a spotter) and did not add on a WOD to this.

Warmup – 250m row
5 pushups
10 vups
10 shoulder press 15lbs
10 good morning 15lbs

5 Bench Press
5 Shoulder Press
5 Deadlift


I got on the bike trainer as a test. Even though I had budgeted quite a lot of time, by the time I got everything settled, I only had time for a 30min ride. But something is better than nothing and hopefully I had resolved most of the stuff out for next time. I did make a rookie mistake and chose an ambitious route for the first ride – not the ride literally, but the route to handle complex routes. Instead of a trainer road standard workout, I chose to ride a course – and that gave me a grand total of 4 miles in my 30 minutes. 


When good intentions are washed away, literally. 
There was rain in the forecast for 12noon, and I reckoned that I could sleep in and still run the trails for about 1 hr. Well, it started pouring when I got to the trails at 9:10am! Klutz me wasn’t going to try to be a badass and run the wet trails – I have no immediate race and I know enough of myself that I will grit it out on race day, so I headed back home in the vague hopes of being able to get on the treadmill. 

Nada. I was met with Mr. Hyde a.k.a Miss. FauxRunner in a tween-age mood! By the time I got her calmed and all, it was well going on to lunch hour. 

At least I got a good picture 🙂


Another all-rain day. And I opted for the bike trainer. This time, I got in a 1hr ride. I tried out a different software and I liked the feel of this (more later in a separate blog post comparing trainer software). The ride felt much better, and in a weird way, it was heartening to see my pathetic speed which was the same as it had been a year ago.

I missed the trail run this weekend, but hope to be able to get in a long run sometime during the week. 

This is not just my first week back. I’ve been doing things since I got back from India in late October and I have been consistent at it. Just been a bit wary about jumping the gun and posting a big “I’m Back!” – didn’t want to jinx it. But seeing how I’m starting to look forward to the workouts, I’m getting my mojo back and it’s time to start getting serious. 

In the midst of all this, a little minion turned 8.


And another one got her foot in a cast. Again.



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