Mizuno: What if Everybody Ran

Mizuno: What if Everybody Ran

I came across the new brand campaign from Mizuno:  “What if Everybody Ran?” and was immediately smitten by it! (Other than a runner, I am a user experience architect in real life and this campaign was gorgeous, designed to catch the eye and very easy to read through!) Of course, it also helps that I am a Mizuno Wave Inspire girl 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.05.56 AM
The infographic from the brand campaign


Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 11.00.43 AM
Some of my favorites


Mizuno has statistics to show emotional, economic, health, etc impacts from running. But each of us runners can attest to the PERSONAL impact we have had.

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For me, Running has shown possibilities. The possibility to dream and achieve a goal, and also the possibility to run away sometimes (Don’t we all want to at times?!). It has taught me not to fear the start. Many a times I’ve told myself in running that the first step (and second) is the hardest. So it is with life.

My kids recognize the change running has brought in me too. Even if it is just understanding that mom’s long run means pancake and icecream lunch for them 😉

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True post from last week!

People have run to chase dreams, to prove a point, to lose weight, to find a new goal, to hang out with friends, to make running a part of their fitness regime, and just because. Those endorphins and runners high sure changes the way the world goes around.

And those are some pretty impressive reasons to start running (even if we were to question statistical numbers)!

What other positive impacts do you think would trickle down if everyone in the world ran? Can you imagine world leaders going out for a morning run together and then getting down to discuss world peace? Can you imagine a group of disgruntled people taking up running instead of arms and how that would impact their ability to see things a little more kinder? Can you imagine people struggling with various issues life throws at them getting a moment of happiness and freedom on a run? Or running stimulating a creative vision or a strategy? Or just allowing people to be themselves and not their virtual personas?

So many possibilities, so many dreams, all starting with just one run.



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