Niagara Falls attractions on the Canadian Side

Niagara Falls attractions on the Canadian Side

Sometimes when you walk into tourist traps, you enjoy the experience for what it is and make the best out of it. And so it was with us and the Niagara Falls attractions on the Canadian Side.


After a day at the US side, we took a trip to the Canadian side of the Niagara falls for a day trip. We crossed the rainbow bridge aka immigration pretty easily into the Canadian side. Niagara Parks had a ton of parking open even though it was a few minute walk from the main attractions.

Crossing over the rainbow bridge

Hornblower cruises

The Canadian version of the US’  Maid of the Mist (Red Canadian poncho vs blue US poncho) that gets you upclose to the falls and truly experience the power of the falls. We took the nighttime cruise when the falls was lit up.

Tip: Get on the boat early and head to the front. We were one of the last ones to get on the boat and all the front deck was occupied. We still got a full blast of water spray and were able to watch the falls, but I suspect the front of the boat would’ve been even more spectacular.

Journey behind the falls

Similar to the US side’s offering of Cave of the Winds. My family did both and they think that the US side was moreĀ  dramatic where you get to actually walk down on the side of the falls. The Canadian side is a true journey behind the falls and takes you through tunnels behind the falls.

Skylon Tower

For a sky-high view of the falls, the Skylon Tower’s observation deck cannot be beat. They also have an overpriced revolving restaurant that we opted not to eat at.

If you have a whole day I’d suggest taking some sort of blanket to catch a quick nap in the shade at Queen Victoria Park opposite the falls. (Or a nap in the car like we did to be fresh for the evening). We spent a lot of time just walking up and down the path. It would’ve been great if we could’ve run over the rainbow bridge and along the Canadian side of the falls as well in the early morning to avoid the crowds.

Lunch View!
Lunch View!

Taking things slow helped us maximize our time at Niagara Falls and left us with enough enthusiasm to go ziplining along the falls!

We loved just walking along the path over and over and over enjoying the power and beauty of the Falls even with the crowd.

The rush of water as it gets ready to cascade down was mesmerizing
This little one was my buddy as we walked along the Falls

Tips on visiting the Canadian Side

Almost all places asked if we wanted to be charged in Canadian $$ or American $$. Since we had American credit cards, we opted for American charge.

Niagara Falls is EXPENSIVE! Be prepared and don’t get shocked when you get your food bill!

This goes without saying – wear really comfortable shoes. The amount of walking we did to get from one end to the other was insane.

If you are visiting from the US side, you DO need a valid passport (and visa, if applicable) for all travelers. They made us roll down our car windows and asked the kids their names as they checked our passport. You cannot just pop-over and cross for a quick visit.

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