I . did . speedwork !!!
Can you believe that ??
The FauxRunner tried to RUN !!
It was a day when everything just came together.
My plan said speedwork, but since everyone’s definition of speedwork is different (mile repeats vs. 800s with jog/walk in between), I decided on 800s. Easier to run half a mile at a “I’m going to collapse” speed than a whole mile, isn’t it?
After a very short warm up, I upped the speed to 5.2 @ 11:35. At the half way point, I was feeling good, so I continued on to a mile. Wow!
A walk break for 0.1miles, about a minute. I know the speedwork plan is to walk/jog half the distance, but I felt recovered in no time.
2nd mile repeat at 5.3 @ 11:19. Effortless. Double wow!
Another short walk break for a minute or two.
3rd mile repeat at 5.5 @10.52. I’m glad I didn’t see the display on the treadmill reading a sub-11 pace. I would have fallen off in shock! ┬áThe entire mile – not a problem. Triple wow!

A 3min walk break. Although I had to do 5-6 mile repeats, I didn’t have time for that, so I decided to do a short one but give it all I could.
So .. a last 800m/0.5miles at 6.0 @ 10:00. This time I felt it .. THIS is the pace I need to learn to go on for a whole mile, again and again and again.
Cooldown and good stretching before heading off back to work.

This is the first time I’ve attempted structured speedwork without fear. And it has shown me what my body could do with a little pushing.

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