Running ego Vs. Chafing

Hubby when he came back from a 10mile run: “Ow, Ow, Ow !!!”
Me: “What? Where?”
“There where-it-cannot-be-mentioned. Ow, Ow !!”
“Didn’t you use body glide/coconut oil?”
“Its these shorts. 6miles in, it shifted and started chafing.”
“So – why didn’t you stop and re-adjust?”
 …. long pause ….
 “There was a lady behind me 5 miles in and she was gaining everytime I slowed down.”
 “So why didn’t you wait until she passed you?”
Hubby *looking like I said something blasphemous*. “It was a lady !! With a jogging stroller. How could I be passed??”

Hubby’s overall pace = 9:34 with the chaffing.
Lesson learnt = Guys care way more about being passed than something trifling like chaffing.

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