Three Things Thursday (a.k.a. I need an alternate Title)

(I need an alternate title if I’m going to write 3 random things. There’s nothing wrong with TTT, but … hmm.. would like to be a little more creative)

1. I’ve been soooo tired this week. Could be excess work, could be stress, could be getting only 1.5  running days (I walked one of those days) and those were past 8:30pm. I’m a get ’em done by 8:30 AM kind of girl, so the pm doesn’t really do anything for me.

2. I’ve been super hungry all this week !! Craving carbs and just hungry in general. What’s up with that? I did run out of my protein powder on Monday, so maybe that’s affecting me? Or the reduction in my vegetable intake? I need to go grocery shopping.

3. The tornados !!! They were terrible ! So much death, damage and destruction. The first time we slept in the basement for safety.

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