#ThrowbackTuesday – My Open Water Swim Journey

#ThrowbackTuesday – My Open Water Swim Journey

This popped up on my time hop and I teared up at the memory. So I decided to make it #ThrowbackTuesday in FauxRunner land instead of Thursday. 

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3 years ago, I had decided that I wanted to do triathlons but I had such a fear of open water that I couldn’t even put my head in. And without learning to swim in the open water, I couldn’t proceed with triathlons There had been a clinic earlier in May that I completed freaked out with even a wetsuit.

I finally got courage to join a group of friends, but I was still too scared to swim. So Pam finished her swim and stayed with me as I slowly went a few yards and back. There was a bit of panicking when I flipped on my back but she stayed with me and talked me through it. The rest of the summer that year I would join them after their OWS and someone would join me as “cooldown” or keep an eye on me.

It still did not mean that I got over my open water issues. I probably might still panic in the cold water like I did so many times in the practice in Augusta river last year. But I know I have gotten through one aspect of it.

I don’t think I could’ve gotten over my fear of open water without seasoned athletes who took the time (and still do) to help a scared newbie.

And after this past weekend’s PTS Allatoona Sprint Triathlon where I did not even once panic during the race even when I was pulled through by someone swimming, I truly think that this #ThrowbackTuesday open water swim made a big start for me in my triathlon journey.

Do you have a moment in your journey that was the breakthrough that was a major influence?

Want to know how I tackle my Open Water Fears? Here’s a writeup of my process along with some other resources – Open Water Swimming Tips.

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