The week in numbers

The week in numbers

23 Weeks to Chicago


  • Mileage for the week – 12 miles
  • Long run of 6.2 miles with GetFit Atlanta

Daily Splits

  • Monday: Walk on home treadmill for 1.6miles at 8pm
  • Tuesday: Mile repeats at Gym treadmill for 3.75 miles at 8:30pm (1mile x 3 at 5.0/12:00mph)
  • Wednesday: –
  • Thursday: –         (The night of the Tornado and storms and camping in the basement)
  • Friday: –          (Dressed to run in the evening, but the husband came home late)
  • Saturday: 6.2 miles of group run with GFA. 3:1 for the initial 3 miles, and 2:1 for the other 3. 

Odds and Ends

  • Kidlet1(5) stayed home for the first half of the week from a badly sprained ankle.
  • First time exercising at those weird night hours
  • I like 2:1 much better than 3:1, even if my 2:1 is much slower than everyone else in my pace group. I’m actually thinking of using 1:1 for the first half when the distances get 10m+
  • I’m a wimp/lazy for strength training
  • Too much work should not be an excuse for not running/training.
  • I’m going to add one day of spin class + weights (Monday) and one day of swim + weights (Wednesday) from next week.
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