A Goal as I approach my mid-30 mark

As the husband turned 40, I realized that I have a mid-30 number coming up in September. What can I do to make this midway point memorable?

So I did what almost every girl resolves to do for her birthday (or wedding or anniversary) – lose weight! Well, not exactly. I don’t care about scale numbers anymore, so I want to lose dress sizes. I am currently an 8/10 (down from 14/16 of last year) and I want to get down to 6. I’ve NEVER ever ever been a size 6 in my life, so that terrifies me!! But then I was also never a size 8 (except for a short 3 months when I lost weight and toned up just before I got pregnant with the first kidlet), and I think I am doing pretty well rocking size 8.

As with everything else – I need a plan of action if I’m to meet my goal. I have 3 months/14 weeks to my birthday.

Plan of Action

  • Continue running 4 days/week according to my training program.
  • Some form of strength training – Sunday/Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 
  • Swimming – Monday and/or Wednesday.
  • Yoga – hmm… fit this in someplace!
    And isn’t the best way to be accountable is to put it out there?
    I can do this, right?

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