Tips for a Fun day at Tokyo Disney Sea

Tips for a Fun day at Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Marathon + 13yo birthday = TOKYO DISNEY SEA!!!

Tips for a Fun day at Tokyo Disney Sea

Yes, the tween turned teen while we were in Japan for the Tokyo Marathon and celebrated the day with Mickey and Friends in TOKYO DISNEY SEA! How freaking cool that I arranged for a 13th birthday experience at such a place! (Totally mom bragging here) I hope it is one she remembers for a while, but even if she doesn’t remember (as shortsighted self absorbed teenagers are apt to); I had one of the BEST time of my life and wish I could’ve done more days at Disney.

Birthday at Tokyo Disney Sea
With a Birthday sticker with her name in Japanese. Got a LOT of wishes from the cast members.

A lot of people (Mr. FauxRunner included) dismiss the idea of visiting a Disney park while across the globe, but it truly was a great day and I wish I could’ve had more days there. Even if you have just one day like we did after compromising with Mr. FauxRunner, I totally recommend going to Disney Sea – it is the ONLY nautical themed Disney park in the world.

If you are a Disney lover or if you chose to go to DisneySea, here are some tips to make the best of your day.

Tokyo Disney Sea is more affordable than Disney USA

Our day of visit was a Friday. We bought single day tickets to Tokyo Disney Sea at the ticketing counter for ~$65, which was way way less than the price of regular tickets at DisneyWorld and Disneyland (~$120).

A four-day pass was only about $200 to $220. You have to choose your first day of visit at the time of purchase and which park you want to visit first (Tokyo Disney Sea or Tokyo Disneyland). Then Day 2 is the other park. And then Day 3 and 4 can be either park. Buy tickets at a Disney store in Tokyo (the one in Shibuya is pretty big) to skip gate lines.

Disney Store Shibuya Tokyo to get tickets for Tokyo Disney Sea
Disney Store Shibuya Tokyo

Tickets can also be purchased at convenience stores (Family Mart or Lawson), major travel agencies, and JR (Japan Railway ticket) windows in Japan. But we did not try any of those.

You can also look online at To be honest, I found the official website rather confusing. The Disney store at Shibuya was much better help.

Stay in a Disney resort or a “friendly” hotel with transportation

It really is not hard to get to Disney Tokyo from Tokyo city. Take the train to Maihama station and then the monorail (260 Yen/trip) to Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Sea. We were not yet fully acquainted with the train system and went to Tokyo Disney Sea on our 2nd day in Tokyo. We appreciated the free shuttle to Disney from our hotel for the 45min drive.

Japanese seem to love lines!

This might sound weird, but everywhere we went people were happily waiting in lines. Even for a churro where the wait was … 35 minutes !! Yes, I sucked it up and stood in line too. Goal of the day was – eat every flavor of Churro and popcorn in the park.

Lines at Tokyo Disney Sea
The line for Toy Story Mania – Oy Vey! Needless to say, I did NOT attempt it without a fastpass.

Churros and Popcorns at Tokyo Disney Sea

When I first read about these, I laughed. I mean, churros in Japan? And its “just” churros. But it is not just churros. The different flavors blew my mind! Once we started out with Potato churro, there was no going back. I had to eat every single of the ones I came across – the traditional churro, Mickey churro where the horizontal cross-section was a Mickey, Cotton Candy, Garlic, Rainbow, and I forget the others! Don’t miss any is all I will say, even though the lines get rather long.

Popcorns was not far behind in their flavors either . Our favorite was Curry flavor (with lots of cumin!) over the more common black pepper, salt, caramel, milk chocolate ones. There was also garlic shrimp, which we did not try (vegetarians). You can get popcorns in regular bags or collector’s buckets. Of course the minions wanted the special buckets and as each cart only sold one type, we had to looking for the kind of bucket they wanted to the other side of the park! The buckets are cute, but a pain to carry and are now sitting lonely in a souvenir cabinet.

Tokyo Disney Sea
Popcorn Souvenir bucket

There is no concept of lines!

While completely contradicting the previous tip, we found this to be true while waiting in line for characters. After patiently waiting for some time only to see people coming up and heading directly up to the character or for the character/handler to single out someone randomly from the now circle of people waiting. I was NOT happy with that concept and we got out after just one character photo.

Characters at Tokyo Disney Sea

Vegetarians, be prepared at Tokyo Disney Sea

I’ve NEVER had to worry about getting vegetarian food anywhere in Disneyworld, USA. Chefs will even customize your order to avoid any kind of dietary restriction at dine-in restaraunts.

Not so in Tokyo Disney. We carried snacks and the breakfast box from our hotel, but when we did sit down at the gorgeous Teddy Roosevelt Lounge (after a long line, of course), there was absolutely nothing they would do with the menu. We asked them for a sandwich that was on the menu but to please hold the meat. Nada. We had to have cheese and crackers (literally 4 pieces) and sundaes as our “lunch”.

Teddy Roosevelt Lounge on SS Columbia at Tokyo Disney Sea
Photo: DisneyTokyo official

In fact, there is only ONE restaurant in all of DisneySea that has a vegetarian option, the restaurant in Venice at Mediterranean Harbor.

Lunch aka Dessert at Tokyo Disney Sea

Fastpasses, old Style

Get there a little before the park opening time so you can get a Fastpass for the ride with likely the longest wait.

For Tokyo Disney Sea, the most popular FastPass attractions are Toy Story Midway Mania followed by Tower of Terror and Journey to the Center of the Earth. However, Toy Story is so popular you may have a wait to even get to the FastPass machine. You go to the FastPass machine scan your ticket and it’ll give you a paper Fastpass. The paper FastPass will give you the time you can get your next FastPass. If you play this system well, you can significantly cut your wait.

Use the single rider lane

I don’t know if it is a lesser known fact or if Japanese people do not like to be split up from their families and friends. Indiana Jones’ epic adventure and The Raging Rapids (next to each other in Adventureland) had wait times of 120 minutes or more and yet it took us 5-7 minutes in the single rider line every time. The minions must’ve done the Raging Rapids about 10-12 times on their own while we parents relaxed outside (with churros and popcorn in hand, of course). Towards the end of the evening, the birthday minion wanted to ride Indiana Jones again and we rode 6 times in the single rider lane – normal wait time of 120+ minutes.

You have to go up and ask the cast member about the single rider lane. We held up the number 1 in our finger sign and said single and were perfectly understood. It was the same as the fastpass line, but while the fastpass also pooled up about 10-15min from the ride, single rider line went all the way to the loading zone with no wait. They closed the single rider lane at 6pm even though the park closed at 6:30pm on our day.

Rides at Tokyo Disney Sea

Savor the experiences of the rides at Tokyo Disney Sea

Two of Tokyo DisneySea’s popular rides are Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. While the rides itself are a letdown, the theming of the area and the wait lines is incredible. I loved Jules Verne growing up (In fact, I think those were the ONLY Sci-Fi books/shows I had read until Doctor Who blew me away) and to see those details was such fun!

DisneySea is like a bunch of adults who are kids at heart got a HUGE budget and they went nuts with it. It is a definite experience that should not be missed, IMO.

Rides at Tokyo Disney Sea
Sindbad seems to be super popular. The ride is like a Pirates of the Caribbean kind of boat ride. But was so colorful and entertaining (Even though I didn’t understand a word!)
Rides at Tokyo Disney Sea
Tower of Terror and the SS Columbia in the background
Rides at Tokyo Disney Sea

We went to Mermaid Lagoon to sit down and hopefully get a bite to eat (nope, not even vegetarian pizza).

Food at  Tokyo Disney Sea
I guess Mermaids are not vegetarian

But the theming was beautiful that makes the Mermaid parts of DisneyWorld look cheap. And the Little Mermaid show was enchanting although we didn’t understand a word of it.

And a special mention to the special variety of ICECREAM that I’ve never had anywhere else.

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