Transforming into a Princess

Who knew that behind this tomboy lurked a Princess!

When it came time to decide on what Princess I was, I felt I was more Mulan than anyone else. Mulan is clumsy as a girl, but brave and in the midst of action when she dresses up as a boy. But … unfortunately, Mulan wasn’t offered as an option. So I settled on Jasmine – sheltered as a Princess, but plucky when she goes out into the real world. (I might’ve also been Belle as I love books and used to dream of a life beyond the everyday, but I’m nowhere as kind or patient as Belle. Sleeping Beauty aka Aurora might’ve been another option – I used to love to sleep. lol)
Anyway, Jasmine I was!
Except  – dressing up as Jasmine seems to be the hardest to find! I am “designing” my own costume, … hopefully it will not fall flat. 
The original Princess Jasmine. … And me – with hand-stitched harem pants, and a tech-top. 
It still needs some bling to make it look more Princess-like. I’m thinking a wide gold belt at the waist. And a headband with a big jewel. And some big ear hoops. I have running shorts under the pants, so even though the pants bunch up while running, I think I’ll be ok with my run/walk.
What do you think of my costume? What can I do to give it some Oomph?
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