Ultimate Coffee Date – February

Ultimate Coffee Date – February

I discovered the Ultimate Coffee Date LinkUp with CocoLynda and Deborah. This sounds like such a wonderful idea as a recap and just talk about things in general!  



If we were having coffee, … I’d tell you how this seemingly slight cold has knocked me out and is making me miserable. It is not big enough for me to excuse myself back to bed and take meds, but is just enough to take all the enthusiasm out of me. My sunshine perkiness level is way off!

If we were having coffee, … I’d tell you that I’m annoyed at letting myself be goaded and taunted by someone over the internet. TWICE. Once to the point of reacting and the second time to the point of walking away while muttering and cursing. Don’t mess with me!  

If we were having coffee, … I’d tell you that after falling at every attempt to get off the bike last week, I was nervous to my stomach when Mike offered to watch me on the bike and ride with me. The mantra of the moment was “breathe”, he was super patient with me and I didn’t fall! Even though I was hanging on for dear life as he took me to ride on regular roads. 

If we were having coffee, … I’d tell you that I had my first date evening in forever two weeks ago. It’s just how nuts things get and there’s hardly a moment to sit back and relax. The rare date was laid back and fun! We went IceSkating (read – he attempted to skate, I just stood on the sidelines and giggled), then an early dinner and movie at home while the minions went to bed.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 7.28.55 PM

If we were having coffee, … I’d tell you that not too long after the date, we had another “date”. This time a 5 mile run together. Luckily, he had just run a hard 6 miles the night before, so he did his run at my pace as his recovery. Two dates in a month! We are practically like people who’ve just met! 

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 7.37.43 PM

If we were having coffee, … I’d tell you that after unsuccessfully spending hours searching for the perfect Dopey Challenge souvenir, I made my own! Vinyl print from Etsy (I really should try it on my own with my Silhouette) and a pint glass!

Dopey Glass

If we were having coffee, … I’d tell you how someone can brighten your life even though you were determined to stay in the dumps. I was super tired and sore last Sunday after my serial falls when I went to Publix supermarket to pick up some SuperBowl snacks. A young boy who was bagging my groceries asked me who I was supporting. I just shrugged politely even though my mind was saying ‘who cares about a silly game when I don’t even know how to ride a bike’. The boy enthusiastically went on to educate me on the SeaHawks and Patriots and the time of the game and was just so cheerful that he put a smile back on my face. 

If we were having coffee together, what would you tell me?  

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