PINspiration Wednesday: What are you making yourself

PINspiration Wednesday: What are you making yourself

It is time for PINSPIRATION WEDNESDAY What is PINSPIRATION WEDNESDAY? In short, you write about a motivational quote or inspirational thing that you found on Pinterest (or anywhere else!). You are encouraged to look through other pinners and pass the love. More details here.

I came across this collage that someone else had pinned. It looked like it was part of an ad-campaign, of what I don’t know. The pin itself didn’t lead to anyplace on the internet, so I have no idea about the context of the images or who pinned it to give credit.

We all have a life beyond training and athletic pursuits. We have other things on our plate, and yet we prioritize training and goals. Why?

Why do you run or bike or swim or crossfit or yoga or kickbox … or any of the things that you commit to and follow up with discipline. 

Me – I’m re-discovering myself. 

I’m fit. I’m shining. I’m strong. I’m vigorous. I’m finding ME. 

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 3.56.44 PM
If anyone knows the source of these images, let me know so I can give credit and link back

I’d like to hear from you! Why do you workout or train? What are you discovering about yourself in the process?


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