7 Gifts for Triathletes under $50

7 Gifts for Triathletes under $50

These few weeks before the holidays are some of the best days to shop for toys aka gear and stuff. If you are shopping for a very close family member (or yourself), then a big ticket item is great. But if the gift is for a friend and you are constricted by budget, then some of these suggestions for gifts for triathletes under $50 might give you great ideas. 

Gifts for Triathletes under $50


The Swim Bundle

How about some goggles, swim caps, and pool gear like a kickboard and pull buoy? Don’t forget to ask them their goggles of choice. (My favorite are these from Roka, if anyone is looking to buy gifts for me)

Gifts for Triathletes under $50

The Bike Bundle

Even if your athlete has everything they want/need for their bike, they will never hesistate over CO2 cartridges, bike tools , and some lube. Ever since I got this cool bike chain cleaning thingie, I’ve enjoyed washing my bike every week! And if they are anything like me, they would love some awesome bike lights

Gifts for Triathletes under $50

The Run Bundle

Socks! One can never have enough socks! I love so many brands – Swiftwick, Balega, Feetures, ProCompression, Smartwool ! BodyGlide/TriSlide for heavy sweaters, gels/nutrition of your athlete’s preference, race entry, gloves. If your athlete lives in the warmer climate in the summer, an often overlooked gear is arm coolers. These are amazing when the sun is blazing and you want minimal clothing but risk sunburn. And of course, there’s always my favorite InkNBurn Tees for under $50 for that savvy dressed runner.

Transition Bags or Backpacks

Let’s admit it, we can never have enough bags and backpacks. A transition bag is a great gift for a newbie triathlete who might not yet have gotten to make that purchase. At just a smidge over $50, this TYR transition bag is the best one I’ve found, even though I have serious OGIO bag envy! If I could justify enough races to get the OGIO 9.0, I would!

Gifts for Triathletes under $50

Orange Mud Transition Towel

While this might seem frivolous – why not use a regular towel and some arm twisting to change?!, you will truly appreciate it when you have it. I got one last summer and I cannot believe how I lived without one for so long. Changing wet and stinky clothes in public has never been so discreet. 

Gifts for Triathletes under $50

USAT Membership

Assuming that your athlete is not yet a member, a $50 membership to USAT is a great idea considering how easy it is to overlook the $50 when you are preparing to sign up for a $300+ race (true story as I signed up for Augusta 70.3 2 years ago and was agast at seeing the final value about $70 more than race fees – USAT membership + active fees). If you are doing more than 2 USAT sanctioned triathlons in a calendar year, the membership breaks even.

Gifts for Triathletes under $50

Base Salt

Seriously a life saver for both the runner and the triathlete, your athlete won’t be disappointed. I stash the vials everywhere! In my bike bento box, in my running belt, in my trail running backpack and in my car. 

Gifts for Triathletes under $50

Medal Hangers

How do you know if someone did a marathon/Ironman? 
They’ll tell you 😀
Runners and Triathletes love to show off their accomplishments (most of them anyway, Mr. FauxTriathlete never speaks of any of his!) and what better way than to gift a medal hanger. My absolute hands down favorite ones are from Allied Medal Hangers. They are handcut to order and not only are they classy, but the people behind this product are really great! 

Gifts for Triathletes under $50

 What are some things that you’ve picked up for your athlete this Holiday season? What have you received that is an absolute keeper?


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