All things Red and Love

Since I’m quite the fashionista these days when it comes to running clothes, I’m wondering if blogging about what I think would be great for a Valentine’s Day run would give my husband a hint.
“Will Run for Chocolate” Tech T from One More Mile. THE place to go if you love witty sayings on comfortable Ts that you can run in. 
A running skirt with compression shorts underneath that does not give you the dreaded chub-rub(no matter what your size) AND you sparkle in them. Sparkle Skirts call this limited edition skirt a ‘Mickey Tech’.
Punxsutawney Phil dashed your hopes for wearing a skirt? A Royalty Red Sparkle Light skirt would be perfect to wear over capris/long tights.
The ‘Queen of Hearts’ headband from Sweaty Bands. No slipping off your head and keeps the icky sweat away from your forehead. All the way through 1 mile to 26.2 and beyond.
Running long and want some compression for your calfs? Cute and comfortable Run Love compression socks from Running Skirts. 

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