The Quest for a Running Skort – FAIL

The Quest for a Running Skort – FAIL

Why not look cute while running? That’s what I thought. And fell in love with girls running with skorts (skirts with compression shorts).

Since they were pricey at $60+ online, I went to the outlet malls hoping to get one for half the price.

Store #1 – Nope. Not even worth browsing. They had only “athletic training” section which did not have any tech material. Came out in 5 minutes.

Store #2 – Running section. Good. Capris and singlets. Even better. Around and around the displays I went. No skirts, but saw cute shorts marked at $24.99. Maybe I can get one pair of shorts for laundry days, I thought.  But – no compression shorts underneath. Sigh. Spend 20 minutes browsing, left without anything.

Store #3 – No running skirts, but cute tennis skirts with compression shorts. $34.99. I’m not a big fan of white bottoms, but they look cute. I pick up a couple in different sizes/patterns and wait in the l … o …. n…. g line for the fitting rooms.
Arrrgh. 2in inseam. Really? Is that even an inseam to start with?
Walked out in a huff and had to take a break to refuel and energize.

Store #4 – Same experience as store #2.

Store #5 – The best is for last, isn’t it? But no. No running skorts at all.
Compression short, yes. Skirt, yes. Together, no.

Nike, Under Armor, Reebok, Adidas and Puma –  you’d think that I’d find ONE.

No running skorts. Not even shorts with compression inside.

So I’m back to scouting online to see if I can score a “deal” online.

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