Best of the Week

  • Best Encouragement: “I’ll get you to Chicago, don’t worry. Actually, you are crazy enough to get yourself there.” – After I had got my happy news.
  • Best Compliment: “You are not a fake runner. You are very much real with a lot of passion.” – Bart Yasso at dinner.
  • Best Advice: “Don’t be afraid to run slow on the long runs. That builds up endurance and it is not the run to push yourself.” – On highlighting the importance of the long slow runs.
  • Best Ah-Ha Moment: “That’s how your legs should feel like after taper, itching to run free and fast.” – On hearing my reasonings for going from 0-7-10miles after 3 weeks of no running.
  • Best Corniest Thing: “You are a fireball of energy.” – When I was going through my roller coaster of emotions.
  • Best News: “You don’t have a stress fracture.” :)) – Dr. Peebles, after which I burst into tears and hugged him.
  • The BEST FEELING EVER: Running on Saturday with the group and not having any pain or discomfort.
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