Much Ado about Nothing – A Roller-Coaster of Emotions

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions, overtly magnified by someone as dramatic as me. After spending an entire 2 days crying, I alternated between trying to cheer myself up and going back to crying; with tons of nervous energy these past few days until I was cleared today at a second opinion. I hugged the Dr as I tried not to cry again!

Its been a combination of factors that caused this

  • The long flight home when I didn’t walk around at all. My legs were like sausages and there was probably a blood clot beginning to form that obstructed flow to my left calf; which in turn made it easy for weirdness in the muscle.
  • I came back and jumped right back into it. 0-7-10 miles after not running for 3 weeks. And Zumba. I did intend to take it easy, but my legs were itching to go and I was alone with all the time in the world on my hands.
  • Zumba put extra pressure on those muscles due to it being horizontal motion at high intensity, not just lateral running motion.
  • I’d been riding the bike with running shoes and not the bike shoes. So the angle of my foot contributed to tightening of the calves more than they normally would.
  • I’d changed from Saucony Guide 4 (with a 12mm heel drop) to Guide 5 (with 8mm heel drop). Although it is supposed to encourage mid foot strike, it also puts extra pressure on the calves.
Put all these together and you have a perfect recipe for disaster. 
I guess the lucky thing has been that I listened to my body and backed off at the first instance of pain, instead of running through it and then ended up with a real stress fracture.
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