Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights


I received raves over this picture a few days ago. And I look back in amazement at my journey.

My “normal” weight for most of my adult life – about 160/170lbs

July 2005 – At my thinnest losing 30lbs.

After 3 months of healthy eating and intense personal training.

Jan 2008 – 165/170lbs 
Just before I got pregnant with my 2nd kid

Dec 2008 – 203/195lbs

2 weeks after my 2nd kid was born



July 2009 – 185 lbs
6 months after 2nd kid was born; I had started going to the gym 3 months since

November 2009 – 170lbs
(Zumba at Gym for 6 months, 3 days/week)

July 2010 – 155 lbs
Running & Swimming for the past 6 months
November 2010 – 153 lbs, but TWO dress sizes less than 6 months back
Running for the past 1 year
I cannot WAIT to see where my winter strength training lands me after toning up.
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