Make New Year Resolutioners feel welcome

Make New Year Resolutioners feel welcome

New Year Resolutioners

It’s a new year and time for new ideas, new starts and new goals (or reviving the old ones). When I looked at the top resolutions for the past 6 years at Neilson, Getting Fit, lose weight, eat healthy and other similar fitness goals was a firm top candidate (along with get organized, spend more time with family, spend less save more and enjoy life to the fullest). So the fitness places, especially gyms, are filled with who are called New Year Resolutioners. 

I love that they are taking the first step to their resolution.

But then there are the memes. The memes about New Year Resolutioners is meant to be a joke, but often times it’s not. 

I get it. The swim lanes are all occupied during your usual swim time and you have to wait. Or there are people everywhere getting in your way when all you want is a few weights/machines and to be done. Or you have to park way down at the gym and walk in on cold wintery mornings. 


It’s ok to have your routine jostled for a bit. Remember that time when you were one of those resolutioners?

I was a new year resolutioner runner 7 years ago (when I started on Christmas Eve) and without the friendship and encouragement extended to me by some amazing people, I never would’ve continued down this path. 

  • Give them a social media kudo.
  • Give them a smile.
  • Be prepared to be slowed down.
  • Anticipate people who might not know the proper etiquette.
  • Take a deep breath when something annoys you and welcome the resolutioners.

Who knows, you might be the one spark that keeps them there. One day they’ll pay it forward just like you are paying it forward now. 

Shawna wrote an awesome post about this last year –

When did you start your fitness journey/re-journey? Were you a New Year Resolutioner? 


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