In a bit of a Shock

In a bit of a Shock

Last night at Zumba, about 40minutes into it I had a pain on my shin/side of inside calf. I’ve had this on and off for 2-3 months. It’d hurt just a little bit once in a while, I’d go to my Chiropractor and get adjusted/cold laser and I’d be fine. We’ve always thought it was because of my super tight calfs. It has NEVER hurt while running.

But the sudden onset of it felt weird enough that I wanted it checked out immediately.

They can’t really tell without doing a bone scan/MRI, but there’s a suspicious spot in the x-ray that combined with my symptoms could be SF. The Dr. suspects it is SF because its swollen on the outside and its right at the edge of the bone and calf muscle and hurts to touch (3-4 inch strip) and says I should really be in much much more pain than I am. 

I really don’t have any pain at all now, except for the pain that I had at Zumba yesterday which made me stop.

The Dr. suggested getting off my feet for 3 weeks and then evaluating for more rest or if better a boot with swimming/biking allowed. I could do a bone MRI if I wanted to be sure. But whatever … if it is, it is …

I am getting a second (and third) opinion on Tuesday from the Podiatrist and my Chiropractor. So not ruling out anything until Tuesday evening, but I already feel like my “season” is over, at least until the end of the year. I have only told a few trusted coaches and friends, not even my husband. I’m just not ready yet.

I know its not the end of the world even though it feels like it right now….

And I’m such a wimp, I can’t stop crying … Its JUST a little Stress Fracture, or maybe even not.

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