Swimming Analysis

Swimming Analysis

Swim Analysis

Even before I signed up for Augusta 70.3 Half Ironman Triathlon, I loved swimming and I’ve always turned to it when I’ve not been able to run. 

My problem is – I am very very very slow.

Nothing surprising here. Since I’m slow in all 3 sports! 

But swimming is said to be technique and form first, speed/strength second. Unfortunately, I don’t have it in my schedule right now to be able to go get much needed private lessons, so instead, I got Mr. FauxTriathlete to take a small video of me that I could use for feedback. 

I’ve got some great feedback and the following are my main takeaways/.

1. Hand is entering the water too wide. 
Hand should enter the water with thumb in line with ear. Biceps need to get up near your ears, and extend the shoulders forward. 
(Thanks to Ben Holliday and Tracie C. for the feedback)

That's way wide!
That’s way wide!


2. I’m not finishing the stroke.
My stroke stops when I put my arm in the water. I need to push the water back towards my hip to propel myself.
(Thanks to Jen Ridgely, Cynthia and Gail for the feedback)

Hand is already out before finishing the stroke.
Hand is already out before finishing the stroke.

3. The glide could be longer/streamlining better body position.
If I can continue to glide a bit more, then that would give me time to finish my stroke. That would help keep one shoulder forward and keep the hand entering water in line with my ears, where it ought to be. You can see in the first
(Thanks to Mike  for the feedback)

Front arm starting stroke too early instead of gliding further.
Front arm starting stroke too early instead of gliding further.

4. I’m taking a tad second too long to breathe, especially on one side.
It should be the same continuos tempo motion as the regular stroke. So that also means that I’m rolling too much to one side. (Thanks to Mike, Chris & Doug for the feedback)

5. Body position can be improved.
As you can see, my hips/legs are not inline with the surface. A more effective kick would be helpful in getting through this. (Thank to Jesse for the feedback)

Since the first three are sort of inter-related, I am choosing to focus on that right now.  And I am on lookout for drills for that.

One drill suggested is “Flick Drill” or “Finish Drill” as described 

The other drill I found that could be helpful is the 3-8-3 drill 

So I know what I’ll be doing at the pool starting this week! 

The best way to learn swim techniques is through a coach or a master’s swim group. But if you are not able to get to either, videotaping your swim and then comparing it with good form swimming videos (you tube has an abundance), or asking a knowledgable friend to take a look is the next best option.

Do you have some swim knowledge? What can you add to the above observation of my swimming form?
What are some of your favorite/recommended swim drills?

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