Fastinista – Summer Watermelon

Fastinista – Summer Watermelon

Does it already feel like summer or do you wish for summer to get here? 
Why not dress up cool like summer to get your wish? I wore this outfit on plenty of group runs to many compliments. I was told that I looked very like ‘summer’ and another person told me that I looked like a watermelon! So why not? Summer Watermelon it is!

Skirt Sports’ Gym Girl Ultra in Pink crush paired up perfectly with a green Tshirt. Almost all brands have a bright green color in their spring/summer collection.

I like to wear a sweatyband to keep my flyaways in check. And this one is my favorite because it goes with all outfits. Even though it doesn’t have this shade of color, the polka dots are so multicolored and small enough that it passes.

An iFitness Ultimate II belt in pink completes this Summer Watermelon outfit!

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