New Shoes

New Shoes

I went down to a running store (Big Peach Running Company – a quaint little place I never knew existed even though I’ve driven by it) and got some running shoes. The person who helped me seemed a little shocked (little is an understatement, actually) on seeing what I was wearing when I went it.

It was a Nike Shoe! How was I to know that all shoes were not made equal?

I knew about pronation and stuff from my days in Melbourne (Side Note – I have also found out recently that I had Plantar Fasciitis in Melbourne which had forced me to get good walking shoes in a specially store there), but this shoe was a NIKE! And they tell me that it is a cheap shoe off the clearance rack (umm … yes, it is … but its pink! and a Nike!) and not a sport shoe at all.

After analyzing my foot imprint, and running video, I was sent home with Asics Cumulus (or one of the other cloud formation names).

Edited: The Asics never worked out unfortunately, but they took it back (That was amazing in itself – ever heard of a shoe store taking back an used shoe!) and I tried out Saucony Progrid Guide 3. They are great and I’ve stuck with the Saucony!

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